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    night still wore big sunglasses to hide to go to half a side face, the outline peeping out is very handsome, the hair has been with meticulous care cut, root the root Be hard to keep.Liao learns a soldier to looking at the sign of "Versace" of his shirt, heart way:"This rich begs a Buddha so sincerely, must be do what ungrateful act encounter for a sky, Qian, perhaps give birth to a kid to have no a fart eye, flank that big fellow should be his bodyguard, pretty is ostentatious." See Liao's learning a soldier don't talk, that person smile way:"If can of words, I pay your 1,000 pieceses to solve for me how is a label?" "Outside there is the solution label of 20% discount only 16 piece, 1,000 pieces of enough your Zhi 62.5 labels." That handsome boy seems to affirm everything according to situation, now that saw quite good to lead, must he solution label:"Do some help how?Bothers you for several minutes." Liao learns a soldier heart way:"The night of the greater half still wears sunglasses, isn't a mental derangement is a petty thief."Picked up that person to throw the wood label of to sweep 1:"You can miserably, the label in 6410 labels, label Yue:Visit fish but at green jade wave pond, bump to encounter Luo net four directions to round, deliberate don't account a foreign body, the matter in the end stirs up ill will", looking at that person continuously shake head, Ze Ze connect voice:"Is surprisingly you so Shuai, say, what is what you begged ?" That person listenned to him obedient to seem to be not happy for several cents and said:"Is what what I beg is feelings, say on the label what mean?" "The marriage is unsuited to, six AN is to say if you were married, wife would be to cuckold for you be make a divorce, the kid isn't filial fluently, if you haven't got married, also similar very miserably, this year inside the bubble don't arrive a girl, you like of the person have already had another lover, can't see you again, advise you or be fond of a way to know to return, the slope depends on my Buddha soon."Old Liao aims at the meaning explication of wood label way. That portrait is really some superstitions are this trifle, otherwise can't worship Buddha, either, not from of the facial expression one is very white, hold tight his hand to ask:"Sir how gets rid of this E?" "Feed, your boy doesn't understand to pack to understand, don't the blah cheat my house's young master, young master, he is breaking wind, don't go toward in the mind."The bodyguard after that Human body calls way, know that guest's monk hurriedly stops that bodyguard:"Benefactor Damascus Kitchen Knives, the temple inside can not loudly clamor." "What?Say do I break wind?"Liao learns a soldier can not ability at small and blue fell in front to lose a face, say:"The young lady whom you pursue has been speaking bluntly to you, is be not?"Heart way:"If feelings smoothly happy of words, also use wear to come to beg a label?" That person frighteneds to disgrace and holds him to say:"Sir, you are how can anyone know of?Rather we arrive behind set of rooms detailed talk?"The bodyguard gathers together mouth way that person's ear:"Young master, I am afraid you know you and just say so." Liao learns a soldier's ear point, listens to clearly and flick to open that:"Who want to know your this kind of stupid person?Walk, small and blue fall, we arrive to outside buy laurel blossom sugar to eat." The Mu permits blue fall to spring up to say with smile:"Good good, really have a little here stifling, I early want to go out." "Etc. first finishes solving to leave again for me!"That person shouts a way. The Mu permits blue fall and take head and learn the shoulder of the soldier at Liao up smile happily a way:"You ask an outside that grows a beard an old monk, he exclusively studies this." Suddenly the bodyguard room comes out to block Liao to learn a soldier to say:"Feed, my house's young master invites you etc., finish solving a label to walk again for him." Liao's learning a soldier is about to kick away him Damascus Chef Knives, the Mu permits blue fall a way:"Teacher, sees this person pitiful of, was brokenhearted to return nobody to manage, you helped him." Old Liao's cold sweat is hundred percent:"You this wench pour pretty sympathetic."In fact the Mu permits blue fall like to see of is the vehemence that he speaks contentedly, talk to smile a strong enemy swears allegiance and writes freely to up solve the whole problem, this is just like a men. The bodyguard fills to know guest's monk on folding banknotes, how can anyone know guest's monk is with boundless joy, take their 4 people to a set of rooms of clean nattiness, in addition to the ash tile wood beam of structure in the exterior, inside 1:00 can not tell the atmosphere of temples, whole being a modern will of repair, two soft beds, four chairses, a tables, one set color television, also free concordance toilet, see to is what temples heart exclusively stays to stay overnight for guest to use. "Sir, I how do just can get rid of this year bad luck of coulding not steep the girl?"That person is inclined to depend on the chair, take off glasses, peep out one handsome have no the face of . "Cypress ……cypress You city!You are a cypress You city!"The Mu permits blue fall can not believe of call a way. That person helplessly says:"That's right Kitchen Knife Set, I am a cypress You city, tonight ascend especially the idea slip away out of, luckily jilted to open a reporter, hoped that you didn't outward tell others me to come to once worship Buddha here." "This …… , can't can't."Liao learns a soldier listen to the student once lift a twice at present very popular whole Asiases of movie circles in the circle of singers amphibious big star cypress You city, there is already no impression, is still at this time unconcerned, also think that he is a well-known some social intercourse Yu young master, the favour is stopped Mu to permit with the look in the eyes blue fall. The Mu permits blue fall to have to a double to sit back, whisper a way:"See true for the first time, handsomely, much more handsome than the television." "Mr. Bo nice to meet you luckily."Liao learns soldier's noodles expressionless say:"Do not know that you have to ask me what, I just like to read ancient works, perhaps can not help to ascend you what favour." "Where, where, I see you are a tall person.How get rid of for a year inside could not make track for the female kid's bad luck?"The cypress You city doesn't understand humbleness and courtesy, a talk and then go straight to topic. Liao learns a soldier can shine on label up of explain, in case of the mistake can also push to say:Is what label ascend write so, I how understand, you want to be strange to answer go to, "you save of the label in fact have a story, there is individual in Han dynasty be called Zhu Mai Chen, his young of time very destitute Survival Knives, the wife dislikes him too poor but abandonned him, married another others ……" Mu permits blue fall to interrupt to say:"His wife dislikes a poverty to love rich, really isn't a good thing." Cypress You city with the designation lips, she doesn't interrupt, Liao learns a soldier to connect a way:"Zhu Mai Chen was subjected to this to stimulate, from now on hair fully study, beg to take merit and fame, led after several years, be last meeting the district magistrate of the book, his wife then requests again match, Zhu Mai Chen rides on the horseback to pour water at underground, call wife then take back water, but sprinkle water going out to how to accept again, just so-called lift to reply water difficult accept, mean an impossible matter." The cypress You city complexion ash hurts Folding Knife, soft-voiced way:"The story pours to say well, is be not indicate is my business impossible?" Liao learned a soldier to order smoke, ha ha say with smile:"His mama of, you thoughted too in brief, which have already begged a label is the ability efficacy?However for begging of feel at ease just, if worshiping Buddha is useful, I ascend joss-stick to beg it to protect my lucky strike every day." Although the cypress You city isn't a Mu to permit blue fall of idol, see with own eyes legendary big star for the first time, some concussions of head quarter, on the satge cypress You the city is charming and radiant, again or deep feeling style style, the poise is charming, each song each movie lets FANS is of concussion crary, at present of the big star, depressed, if Yuan Wen head the chicken is general, the cage pulls head and loses all colors. See him thus upset, Liao learns a soldier to pour cant not bear to the heart throw cold water again, heart way:"Beg feelings, that is not for the sake of a female kid?See this person's air, pour is like the appearance that pays a genuine feeling but cans not gets repay, he is dressed in to dress up how free from vulgarity, where also is brokenhearted?It is really unimaginable." "Mr. Bo, I see you the luck way doesn't help, besides which, and the peach blossom robs, if you can hide lead, that O.K. talks."Old Liao finally cannots help but a beard to blow one president suddenly and leisurely of annoyed, being like. The cypress You city Cun way:"Read gossip newspaper and then can know a to amuse star to worry all day long for second-grade female I am dedicating a body, this isn't the peach blossom to rob is what?However he says of have a little truth, if that leaves me to far order for chicken wave, perhaps dear of can't to I so inhospitality."The heart re- sets alight a hope and asks a way:"Sir, in addition to what does this still have?" Liao learns a soldier to say:"The way inaccuracy that I estimate that you pursue, probably you fly of the fresh flowers isn't the species that she likes, more probably she dislikes that the other people break to spend flower and grass grass.Or you send of the diamond ring isn't enough big, she sees not up, to sum it up, you have never surmised her real viewpoint, don't get into her world."It pluses 1 in the heart:"You if pursued to the road, also be refused?Afraid of this time already 2 people held the hand to stroll avenue."

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