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    This guy is very easily sunk to immerse own emotion in, soliloquize some kind of, open eyes to see bodyguard one face worrying of stare oneself, wave hand way:"You go out first, I still need to say to this Sir words." Liao's learning a soldier originally is an eccentric, felt this guy to agree with stomach very much and then said:"See you are one having no how to once experience is diligent of the rich, my the truth actually said, your person of this kind of family background didn't worry to eat sorrow not to wear Folding Knife, naturally not worthwhile to others too sensitive, as time passes becamed habit and then become self-approbation, the regardless of others felt.Raise an example, if is hard the employee whom a works hard at chores company, want to have a liking for the facial expression survival of department every day, so he will definitely do a sow 1 F civilian's skill:Ascertain intent through word and expres, the owner's look in the eyes, action, talk tone, in his eyes, all has special meaning, can also guess of today owner's mood is well or bad, then draw up how to beg for an owner joyful", in the mind and then way:"I feel that I can be a salesman just to get along and promote a love secret, ex- have a president, there is this simpleton behind, earned quite a few 1000 pieces on the president body, if if this guy is too beyond hope, this guy also fools his several 10000 pieces be zero flower." The cypress You city was too really a muff Survival Knives, the words made reference to this degree to is still a head of fog water and delivered a Leng way:"This ……that again how?" The Mu permits blue fall the appearance of discovering teacher's torrent of words absolutely handsome can not be, flutter his hand to say:"Teacher, he is that to star fairy city of male star, you are incognizant he?" Cypress You city lightly on jilting hair, this action is big-hearted as well as natural, also takes a kind of charmingly feminine, use the words that the young man spreads to say, that calls"cool", Liao learns a soldier a foolish:This person pours to have to make people wear evil qualities in the every act and move, no wonder that Chen You Nian so likes him. The cypress You city way:"I seemed to understand, you were to say that I steep a girl the bubble don't get to idea up?" "Is so stupid, I have to have your this kind of student, don't strangle to death you can not, I am to say, be you have no crisis of time, you aren't worthwhile to see other people's facial expression, on the contrary is other people to see your facial expression, so developed a habit, way to get along with people head quarter have a little naturally, oneself thinks is so, thinking that the other people also think is so, while pursuing female kid most avoid as taboo so." The cypress You city played from the chair:"Yes!Listen to you so on saying, I seem is also feel like this, I was really too silly, no wonder that gave her caviar that day, didn't she all several days manage me, in fact I individual is relatively love to eat caviar ……Sir, I want to restart, I want to weigh a head to be again, again pursue her, you teach me not very good?" "I have a question, you what person grew is handsome Kitchen Knife Set, graceful bearing, handsome and natural and unrestrained, much younger gold, why still could not make track for a female kid?" "In fact, this problem not difficult answer, I am a star, there are 100001000 around ten thousand members in the FANS club, 80% is female, say so my magic power not a problem, but I want to pursue of the girl is the world first perfect of female, numerous people sees she does a fairy, I am also an one of them, and I basically don't know how to move her heart." "She calls what name." "The Mu permits ice rain." Snow is especially!Is the small son for looking down upon everybody!This woman has what okay, left see right to see in addition to the face isn't bad outside absolutely devoid of any merit, Be worth so falling in love? The Mu permits blue fall an in the mind to exert is a gossip of a little bit bright:Two scandals of big stars to super men and women, only a tell others tomorrow have to be national headlines, estimate again entitle to heel Zhi Hui the elder sister show off for a while. "Is small and blue to fall, let's go out to buy a plums wrapped in syrup on sticks to eat."Liao learns a soldier to feel cypress You city in addition to spoony outside taste still badly and vigorously. "Sir, waits bottom again walk, haven't your words finished saying." "To, you are a big star, slip away out how does the nobody see?Return to at once, otherwise again have a doorstepping journalist follow." "I once made up, let a bodyguard follow, change quite a few car just arrive to settle a clear temple of, now that meet with you, explain that we decree by destiny, Buddha Zu says that the heart truly then works properly, you must teach me how to acquire the tender heart that the Mu permits ice rain." "Fault fault."Liao learns soldier's way:"Your 6 didn't be clean and more said to don't also use." "Sir, you didn't definitely and never once see the Mu permit ice rain have beauty much?There is a kind dinner in the auditorium of ten thousand Long mansion 60th floors at 10:00 p.m., ice Ms. Yu will also take part in of, I take you to go together, you saw true you to help me to order idea?" Liao learns a soldier just thinking shake head, the Mu permits blue fall have been already called:"Have the Mu the kind dinner for permitting ice rain to take part in?Too like, teacher, let's also go?" The cypress You city says with smile:"I have the quite a few formal invitation piece and stay also useless, go together?Still have a lot of freely sprinkle water and food, there is also curio, art object sale meeting, very divertive." The Mu permits blue fall to get old Liao Ceng to come to Ceng to go to Damascus Chef Knives, the breast tightly sticks his arm, the Yang wears a face to peep out a delicate and touching facial expression to act in pettish a way:"Teacher, the somebody else really wants to go …… very not good ……" orotund and matchless Jiao Dia, old Liao is helpless, surrender a way:"Is all right, that goes to, anyway need not Dao money." The cypress You city suddenly points at him to call a way:"You, you, you are that singing performance and ice Ms. Yu embraces each other of loafer?I how say to have been seeing you are pretty familiar looking." Ice rain,such as tide singing performance,'s making into a video frequency and after spreading in the network being subjected to what person paiding attention to most is that and gets a "middle age" that the fairy regards with affection heavy uncle, the Mu permits dead loyalty of ice rain FANSs and all is called the loafer to him and sees as the public enemy.The cypress You city has been being pursuing Mu to permit ice rain, how can don't know this matter, see old Liao, that helpless facial expression, finally remember to come. "Feed!Isn't the teacher just a loafer!"The Mu permits blue fall vehemence to roaringly say. ", See the person whom the person scolds many online, oneself also becomes accustomed to and dropped a clanger.Somehow or other, I approach ice each time Ms. Yus all permit stylish and pure like jade vehemence for her Yong the Zhe and feel ashamed of own unseemliness and all what rubbish can not say it and only have the contact ice of your ability so generous nature Ms. Yu, too fantastic, this the needs much courage!I even feel that you are my idol." Mama of, I who make am like suicide squad, old Liao is cried up by severals Damascus Kitchen Knives, complacent way:"In fact I have a nickname to be called feeling saint and trust, your business I help settle, see have no, this is the my small girl friend on the bubble just."Stretch hand Lan to live Mu to permit blue fall of waist. The Mu permits blue fall to disgrace and annoy, make an effort to free from tangle him:"Who is your girl friend!" Cypress You city then surprised way:"Sir, your girl friend is really beautiful, I was to envy you too much." Liao learns a soldier and permits the Mu blue to fall to pull over to hug:"I invite her to eat while just strolling temple fair, hence she promised to do my girl friend, how?Is good enough to prove my feeling saint identity?" The Mu permits blue fall a Zheng not to take off, then no longer Zheng, meek of depend curved in his arm in, the eye pupil son turns around not to know to think what. The cypress You city nods Die not:"I completely believe that you are the genius that an is with talent in the love, E, haven't asked, what name do you call?" The life is greedy for Chi in the town three poisons, one of the chis reads and harm a person most deep, the in this world sinks into among them far far not only make longer with cypress You the city is 2 people, I was without cause a coach of love idiocy, and old Liao puts on a cold sweat way:"Do not need your surname Liao, the grass Yu learns a soldier and also invites much many advices." "That agrees verbally so, I go to and buy a few full dress for you, participate in charity party to want something to wear under etc.." "More formal situation?Afraid will be unsuited to proper, I the always free desultoriness spoiled, in case of trouble your guest not good."Liao learns a soldier Song to shrug shoulders. "Being unimportant isn't all my guest, the guest of people hundred million allied group companieses, I am just one of the guest that is invited." Hundred million the allied groups are somehow worlds 500 strong of a, very anxious to can please to arrive Mu to permit ice rain, cypress You city heavy star like this.

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